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Learning to drive should be an exciting and enjoyable experience. You should regard it as not just a necessity for passing the driving test but as learning a skill that will make you a safe and competent driver. Many people consider asking a friend or a family member to give them driving lessons but, as this article will show, this might not be the best choice.

Being taught to drive by a friend will certainly save you money. However, as with many things, the cheapest option doesn’t necessarily give the best value. Driving instructors have to satisfy the Driving Standards Agency that not only have they reached a high standard of driving competency but also that they are capable of passing their knowledge on to other people. This enables them to take their pupils from novices to competent drivers in a much shorter time than an amateur instructor can achieve.

This proven ability to teach is crucial when it comes to driving lessons and is one of the major differences between the approved driving instructor and the amateur. Professional driving instructors have to pass a stiff test of their teaching abilities and this ensures that pupils will learn faster and, most importantly, will be learning the correct way to drive. A friend may be a good driver but may well have forgotten what it was like to be a learner and not have the slightest idea of how to explain complex driving concepts.

As well as teaching ability, a driving instructor will have the experience and the resources to make a new driver feel at ease. The first emotion that most learner drivers feel is probably fear when they’re asked to take the wheel of a car on a public road. Most driving schools these days have dual control cars that enable the instructor to step in and provide assistance if a pupil should get into difficulties. This gives the learner an immense feeling of security and safety. This is another compelling reason for choosing to have professional driving lessons.

A further very important factor to take into account when deciding whether or not to pay for driving lessons is the fact that the world of motoring is changing all the time as new technologies and motoring laws are introduced. The average UK motorist has a difficult time keeping abreast of the current situation. Your approved driving instructor will be up-to-date with everything that you need to know in order to teach you to be a safe and competent driver on Britain’s crowded roads. That’s his job.

After reading the above, you should now be more aware of the differences between professional driving instruction and that received from a friend. Learning to drive is not just a matter of being able to pass the driving test. It is a skill that will be useful to you for life and you need to know that you are being correctly taught; it will be the basis of your future development as a driver. Unfortunately, driving can be a dangerous business if your instruction is in any way inadequate so it makes sense to seek out a driving instructor who has the ability to teach you the right way.

Recent statistics from the Driving Standards Agency report that nine out of ten of the people who pass their practical driving test first time were taught by an approved driving instructor. Faced with figures like that it is difficult to argue against seeking professional driving instruction.

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