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Having taken delivery of my new Clio ( luckily the day before Evans Halshaw burnt down, honest not guilty guv’nor) I found that the space where you would normally keep the spare wheel, had been taken up by an inflation kit. I knew the car would come supplied with said inflation kit which consists of a bottle of tyre sealant and a small compressor, however I had been informed  I would be able to buy a spare wheel and  fit it in the usual place. Difficult when there is no spare wheel carrier, the carrier and the wheel complete with tyre will cost you £220.00.

However is an inflation kit good enough if you get a puncture just before a driving test, the answer is no as you are limited to 48 miles per hour for a limited distance the same if you fit a space saver or a full size red coloured spare wheel. The inflation kit also falls down on which type of puncture will it fix, no good if the hole is 4mm or more or punctured in the side-wall.

Once you have used the inflation kit ( if you had a user-friendly puncture ) you need to get the tyre repaired, when you take it to the tyre fitter watch the look on his face when you tell him you fixed it with an emergency kit. All the grunge now needs to be cleaned from the inner of the tyre before it can be fixed, which could incur an extra charge or they may refuse to fix it at all.

You get your tyre repaired and refitted or maybe you needed to buy a new tyre, but you’re back on the road. Now you have another expense, you need to buy another bottle of tyre sealant and as they are a dealer part at £30.00 not cheap.

So my advice is, buy a wheel have a  cheap tyre fitted and keep it in the boot. Could work out a lot cheaper than losing a driving test.

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