Michael, Driving lessons in Stanley

I called upon Jeff to teach me to drive as he had taught some of my friends, and was teaching my girlfriend at the time. When Laura and I passed first time my brother Stephen started his lessons with Jeff also, a real family affair.

Cheers Jeff.  Michael, Dipton.


Johann, Driving lessons in Stanley

Had a great time learning, didn’t think I could do it but you were right. Many thanks Jeff.

Johann.  Craghead.


Natalie, Driving lessons in Consett.

Thanks Jeff for all your help, I will definitely recommend you to all my friends. Your hard work got me through my test first time.

Natalie,  Leadgate

Jenna. Driving lessons in Durham

“Without a doubt the best driving instructor ever!!
Jeff is extremely patient and helps you build your confidence slowly, he never pressures you into anything you feel uncomfortable with and he explains everything in thorough detail.
I passed my theory and test first time and I can honestly say with confidence that without Jeff I wouldn’t have I’d recommend him to EVERYONE”.
Thanks for everything Jeff.  Jenna, Ushaw Moor.


Rebecca. Driving lessons in Durham

“Many thanks for all your support during my lessons helping me pass first attempt, also loved pass plus, thanks again”

Thanks again, Rebecca, Langley Park.


David. Driving lessons in Consett

“Thanks for all your help & support whilst I was learning to drive.

Had a blast, David Leadgate.


Kirsty.  Driving lessons in Stanley

“Thanks for all your help Jeff with the test and Pass Plus”

Kirsty, South Moor.


Natalie. Driving lessons in Stanley.

“After only  driving in America all of those roundabouts were a bit daunting but thanks to your help I passed the test” 

Many thanks, Natalie White-le-Head


Alan. Driving lessons in Stanley

“Jeff is mint like, would recommend him any day of the week. Passed on my first attempt without any faults. A pleasure to learn with”

Alan, New Kyo.


Scott. Driving lessons in Stanley

“Just like my brother Alan first time pass, You’re mint Jeff”

Cheers, Scott, New Kyo.


Michelle. Driving lessons in Chester le Street

“Many thanks for all your help Jeff, couldn’t  have done it without you

Michell, Great Lumley.



Robyn. Driving lessons in Consett.

“Appreciate all  your help and patience helping me pass the driving test first time cheers Jeff”

Robyn, Blackhill,


Sophie. Driving lessons in Consett.

“Thanks for all your hard work in helping me to pass my test first time, really appreciate it Jeff”

Had fun as well, Thanks Jeff, Sophie, Delves Lane.


Jack. Driving lessons Chester-le-Street

“Cheers Jeff it’s been a laugh and I even managed to pass first time”

Jack, Chester-le-Street


Jacinta. Driving lessons in Consett

“passed my theory first time and was so pleased to do so .Totally believe that with the on-line theory that Jeff website provides is a must to get you through the theory test.Thanks again for that added extra help”

Regards Jacinta, Castleside.


Lynda. Driving lessons in Stanley

“Thanks Jeff you are a fantastic Instructor, you  taught my son  Christopher years before me,  I’ll recommend you to all my friends and family”

Lynda, Stanley


Connor. Driving lessons in Leadgate.

“Cheers Jeff it was great fun learning”


Richard. Driving lessons in Leadgate.

“Thanks for all your help Jeff,  passed first time with one minor, how long is it since you taught my mum must be at least  17 years?”


Louise, Stanley

“Thanks for all the help Jeff, Couldn’t have done it without you”


Grant, Blackhill

“Thanks so much for getting me through my test Jeff, cheers for everything”


Tim, Leadgate

“Had a great time learning to drive Jeff, enjoyed it all”


Melanie, Lanchester

“Thanks for all your help and support during my lessons Jeff”


Kirsty, Leadgate

“Thanks Jeff enjoyed every minute of it, take care”


Angela, Tantobie

“I’ve got a little Corsa now Jeff Thank you for your perseverance”


Andrew, Lanchester

“Really pleased with all your instruction Jeff, had a good time learning”


Louise, Anfield Plain

“Thanks for your patience and support Jeff, you’re an excellent teacher”



Well done, first time pass for Natalie from “Talking Heads” (probably the best hairdressers in Lanchester) excellent result.

Dual control pedals. Yes or No.

As the name suggests, a car with dual control pedals is one that is equipped with two sets of controls: one on the driver’s side, and one on the passenger side. A dual control car has an additional set of controls for the brake and the clutch. Such cars are mostly used to teach driving to beginners, the extra set of controls helps the Driving Instructor to stop the car if he perceives any safety issues. When having driving lessons in Durham City Centre this can be of the utmost importance.

How it Works

The term ‘dual control’ generally refers to an additional set of pedals that are installed in a manner so that the driving instructor sitting beside the learner driver can access them with ease. These pedals allow the driving instructor to operate the brake and the clutch (and in some cases, the accelerator as well). They are used when the safety of the car, its occupants or that of other road users are at risk. Once the risk has been avoided, the instructor generally tells the learner to pull over and then explains to him why the dual control had to be used, and what could have been done to prevent the situation.

Preference for Dual Controls

Most learners and their parents have a marked preference for dual control cars. This is because a dual control car allows the learner driver complete control over car, while the driving instructor can step in and brake or apply the clutch as the situation demands. Learners, in their driving lessons, due to lack of experience are not always able to exert complete and immediate  control over the car, and it is beneficial to have a car in which the controls are with the more experienced driver, particularly important when having driving lessons in Durham City or other busy areas.


Novice learner drivers, especially those who are still very early in the learning process, are often low on confidence during their driving lessons. Learning in a dual control car can help boost the learner driver’s confidence, due to the knowledge that an expert can take charge in a worst case situation. This makes them more open to learning comfortably, without worrying too much about their safety or that of the car. The driving instructor can also rest easy knowing that he can intervene in case of an emergency, which the learner cannot handle quickly alone.

From Theory to Practice

Most learner drivers know about driving in theory and may practice on quiet stretches; but the fact is that it is never possible to predict how they will react to traffic and crowds around them. Some pupils are able to handle the pressure well, but some others just cannot. Until the student reaches a certain stage of driving skill, the dual control helps the driving instructor take over when the student has lost his nerve.

Right Use of Dual Controls

Experienced driving instructors are always sparing in their use of dual controls. They use them only when there is a situation that the learner driver cannot handle by alone. This ensures that while the learner driver gains the confidence to handle difficult situations, they are not lulled into a state of complacency either. This sets the right state of mind for effective learning.

Learning to drive a car is a very useful skill and should be encouraged. However, many learner drivers become overwhelmed during their first few driving sessions and may not be able to handle certain situations i.e. when having driving lessons in Durham, either in city centre or the surrounding areas, or even be aware that those situations have an element of risk. It is, after all, a matter of being responsible for many lives. That is why it should be made compulsory for driving lessons to be given in cars with dual controls.