The Girl’s Car Handbook

Girl drivers handbook, drivers handbook

This is another book from Maria McCarthy concerning girls and driving.

After reading about Maria’s first  book on the subject, “The girls guide to  passing your driving test”.  I was eager to find out a bit about her latest book “The Girl’s Car Handbook“.

It’s a well thought out book covering many of the topics involved with owning and running a car including services, MOT’s, repairs, travelling with children in the car and many more besides.

I haven’t read this book but I have read all of the reviews and they seem pretty favourable. If I had a daughter beginning her driving life I would buy this book for her. Read the reviews for yourself and decide if it’s a book for you.

The Girls Guide To losing Your L-Plates

how to pass your driving test


To be honest I haven’t read this book by Maria McCarthy but I was drawn to it for obvious reasons, anything that gives you help on the subject of how to pass your driving test can’t be all bad. I did think that maybe it would be a patronising, or maybe altogether jovial book  rather than a helpful one. So I read the reviews, and I found only one review that didn’t whole heartedly embrace the book. It covers subjects such as choosing an Instructor, how best to avoid making mistakes, right up to “car insurance without tears”. It’s all written not tongue in cheek, but in a fun to read manner. Read the reviews and make your own mind up. The girls guide to losing your L-plates.


Know Your Traffic Signs: Official Dept of Transport Edition.

know your traffic signs,

This is an easy to comprehend book, with good graphics and a lot of straight forward language. When taking driving lessons you will never come across all of the countries traffic signs, this book will give you a good knowledge of signs and road markings you wouldn’t generally see. Who knows what a hazard warning line is or what an equestrian crossing is? All this information and more is in the book, take a look at it at Amazon.

the official DSA guide to driving the essential skills.Driving The Essential Skills

I really cannot recommend this book enough, it is without doubt the best aid to learning to drive apart from actual driving lessons. It will not only enhance the “essential skills” you will be gaining from taking your driving lessons but it will also give you an endless catalogue of tips and information regarding the rules of the road. The graphics are exceptionally clear with descriptions of manoeuvres, roundabouts, motorways etc. It’s not only useful for the novice driver but can be referred to all of your driving life, giving you information on driving an automatic, four-wheel drive vehicles, travelling abroad and an abundance of other topics. Buy it now, new or used at Amazon.

the highway codeThe Official Highway Code

The Highway code book is a must for every road user (including pedestrians) whether they are a well practiced veteran or a complete novice.  Everything from riding horses or bicycles to driving Lgv’s is dealt with in detail in its numerous pages. The do’s and dont’s of road use are all covered, as are points of law which as we know change periodically. Do you know where you can or cannot park, or whether you should drive in a bus lane, it’s these simple things that we should all be aware of. And the answers are all inside, you need this book, find it at Amazon.